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Is Your Amazon Marketplace Account Health At Risk?

Is your Amazon eCommerce brand struggling to maintain it’s account health rating due to:

  • Listing Policy Violations
  • Intellectual Property Complaints
  • Failure to meet Regulatory Compliance
  • Order Defect Rate (ODR) Above 1%
  • Late Shipment Rate (LSR) Above 4%
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We Keep Your Online Seller Account Secure & Steady at Every Step of the Way!

The stability of your Amazon Marketplace account can be surprisingly unpredictable. What once seemed robust can quickly falter due to unexpected factors, leading to disruptions in your eCommerce sales performance. At SPCTEK, we specialize in Amazon Account Health, offering proactive measures to ensure your account remains resilient and fully operational.
Whether you’re starting a new business or managing an established one, our dedicated team closely monitors your account’s adherence to policies, metrics and activities. With daily checks, strategic appeals, and expert guidance, we keep your Seller account safe. Our goal is to maintain your online account’s integrity so you can focus on growing your business. Let SPCTEK handle the complexities, ensuring your business thrives without interruption.
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Reasons To Start Amazon Account Health Management Service Now:

Discover how our Amazon Account Health Services can enhance your seller performance and safeguard your business sales and income.
Late Shipments
Our service ensures timely deliveries by closely monitoring your shipping metrics and offering proactive solutions.
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Seller Account Policy Violations
We help you stay compliant with Amazon’s rules and procedures by providing regular policy updates and processes guidance.
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High Order Defect Rate (ODR)
We monitor and improve your order defect rate through detailed analysis and needed corrective actions.
Product Authenticity Issues
We verify and authenticate your products to address any authenticity concerns swiftly.
Intellectual Property (IP) Complaints
We handle IP complaints efficiently, ensuring that any copyright, trademark, brand, and patent issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
Inaccurate Product Descriptions
We ensure your product descriptions are accurate, factually accurate, and compliant, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
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How We Help Brands Maintain Top Account Health

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to keep your account healthy:

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Daily Monitoring

Our team conducts daily checks to ensure your account metrics are in optimal range, preventing issues before they arise.

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Negative Feedback Removal

We strive to get negative feedback removed if it’s promotional, abusive, or irrelevant content, and doesn’t comply with the feedback guidelines.

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Account Health Metrics

We review AHR (Account Health Rating), and metrics related to the shipping performance such as, LSR (Late Shipment Rate), and OTDR (On-time Delivery Rate), compliance issues to safeguard your Marketplace.

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Experts Available 24/7

Our dedicated team of Amazon experts is available around the clock to assist with any account health issues you may encounter.

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You can find us here

  • 17714 Bannister st, suite # 103 Dallas TX 75252, USA.
  • +1-469-909-2002


A low AHR score can lead to account restrictions, product listing suspensions, or account suspensions. It can also negatively impact your search ranking, Best Sellers Rank (BSR), and overall sales.
Respond promptly and professionally to negative feedback. Apologize for the inconvenience, offer solutions, and demonstrate a commitment to improve. Consider reaching out to the customer directly to resolve the issue.
Carefully review the policy violation notice and understand the specific policy you violated. Research the policy and take steps to ensure compliance going forward. If necessary, submit a Plan of Action (POA) outlining the steps you will take to prevent future violations.
The team works on your account every day. We are specifically focused on checking on your Amazon account health rating to promptly take action on any violation or notification that Amazon has reported that can impact the seller account.
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