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Amazon Account
Reinstatement Service

Our Amazon Account Reinstatement Service can quickly and easily get your Amazon seller account back in business with up to 100% money back guarantee.

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Do These Amazon Seller Account
Suspension Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • You have lost access to your Amazon seller account
  • You are struggling to understand Amazon’s appeal process
  • You need help crafting a winning Plan of Action (POA)
  • You are not sure on how to get back on track

If your answer to any one or more of these pain points is ‘YES‘ then you need help from Amazon reinstatement experts.
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Our Amazon Seller Account Suspensions Include:

As a verified Amazon partner, we help businesses reinstate their seller account by diagnosing the root cause of suspension, and creating a customized POA to ensure that your business remains unharmed.
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Customer Service Performance

  • Negative Feedback
  • A to Z Guarantee Claims
  • Chargeback Claims

Policy Compliance

  • Product Authenticity Customer Complaints
  • Product Condition Customer Complaints
  • Suspected Intellectual Property Violations
  • Received Intellectual Property Complaints
  • Restricted Product Policy Violations
  • Intellectual Property Complaints
  • False Counterfeit complaint
  • Listing Policy Violation

Shipping Performance

  • Late Shipment Rate 
  • Valid Tracking Rate
  • Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate

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Section 3 Suspension

  • Multiple Seller Accounts
  • Illegal Activity
  • Breaching Agreement

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Complete Reinstatement of Amazon Account for Xbox Seller

Successfully reinstated and implemented corrective measures for a business to ensure consistent sales and revenue growth.
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step number 1

Project Kickoff: We set expectations regarding team orientation and coordination to establish project goals.

Step number 4

Submit Appeal: In this step we present the appeal to Amazon fulfilling their requirements to ensure timely reinstatement of your seller account.

step number 2

Identify Root Cause: We investigate and identify the root cause that led to account suspension.

step number 3

Draft Plan of Action: We draft a strong POA based on our findings to avoid account deactivation from taking place in future.


step number 1

Google PPC Audit: We start with an in-depth Google Ads account audit and evaluate account health, competition and landing page assessment.

step number 2

Recommendations: Based on the findings of our audit, we make comprehensive recommendations to improve campaign, account and ads performance.

step number 3

Discovery: In this stage, we understand client campaign goals and draft a proper Google Ads PPC advertising strategy and plan.

Step number 4

Implementation: Implement our advertising strategy with clear KPIs and objectives that align with client’s goals.

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Why Choose SPCTEK For Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement?

reason number 1

Deep understanding of the Amazon Seller Central platform:

Our experts know what Amazon looks for in a Plan of Action (POA), and we can help you create a POA that is both effective and compliant.

reason number 2

Proven track record of success:

Our Amazon Reinstatement Specialists have helped hundreds of sellers get their accounts reinstated and have a high success rate.

reason number 3

Clear and Concise Communication:

We keep our communication process simple and clear as we help you get your account reinstated, explaining the steps and answering your questions. We’ll also keep you updated during the process.

reason number 4

Proactive Guidance:

We don’t just get your account back, we help you prevent future suspensions. Our experts provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure you stay compliant and build a thriving Amazon business.

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You can find us here

  • 17714 Bannister st, suite # 103 Dallas TX 75252, USA.
  • +1-469-909-2002

Amazon Account Reinstatement FAQs

Yes, it is possible to get a suspended amazon account reinstated. However, the chances of reinstatement depend on the reason for the suspension and the steps taken to address the issue.
A plan of action is a document that outlines the steps you have taken to address the issue that led to your account suspension. The plan of action should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It should also include a commitment to prevent future violations.
If your initial appeal is rejected, you can attempt to submit a revised appeal addressing any specific concerns raised by the review team. You can also consider seeking help from external consultants or legal professionals.
The money in your Amazon seller account will be on hold until your account is reinstated. Once your account is reinstated, you can withdraw your hard earned money.
Yes definitely, we are always here to help you to submit an appeal to reactivate amazon seller account and make your business functional again to achieve your desired sales.
Amazon doesn’t provide a specific timeframe for account reinstatements; it can range anywhere from hours (for minor issues) to weeks (for more complex cases).
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