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Amazon Account
Management Service

Is your brand on Amazon struggling with:

  • Prices, profitability, and policy changes on Amazon
  • Low account health due to compliance issues
  • Listing hijacking issues affecting your sales and brand reputation
  • Reviews to increase your BSR rank
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We Simplify
Amazon Account Management for your business.

As a top Amazon seller account management company in the USA, we take charge of your Amazon account, allowing you to focus on planning and overseeing your business growth. Our comprehensive services range from fundamental tasks such as Seller account creation, ranking optimization, and SEO to advanced services like PPC Management and brand growth management.
Our team specializes in providing full-service solutions for sellers looking to thrive on Amazon but lacking the resources or expertise for meticulous Amazon Seller Central management. With a focus on Amazon account management services, we ensure your account is strategically handled for optimal performance and growth.
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Account Management Services We Offer:

As your trusted Amazon partner, we work as an extension of your own team in your ecommerce journey to supplement your marketplace revenue for sustainable profitability.
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Amazon Seller Account Creation
If you find the process of setting up an Amazon seller account daunting or time-consuming, our seller account management consultants are here to help. Our experienced team will guide you through the registration process, ensure all necessary information is accurately provided, and answer any questions you may have along the way.
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Amazon ASIN Reinstatement
If your Amazon product listing is suspended, we can help you get it back up and running. We’re experts in Amazon reinstatement, and we know what it takes to win. Our ASIN Reinstatement Specialists have helped hundreds of sellers get their accounts reinstated and have a high success rate.
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Listing Creation and Optimization
Our team of experts will create your brand listings from scratch to shine and will also provide you with advanced listing optimization for your brand to scale and be visible on top of the search results.
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Amazon Account Health
We’ll keep an eye on your Amazon If there are any issues or warnings we’ll take action to fix them and ensure your account follows Amazon’s rules. This includes watching out for problems like late shipments or canceled orders and working to improve those areas to keep your account healthy.
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EBC A Plus Content
Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), now known as A+ content on Seller Central, is what represents your brand on Amazon. Our team will design and showcase your product in a way that will look more impressive and professional, and capable of generating massive traffic.
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Amazon Inventory Management
We keep an eye on what you have in stock, make sure you order more when needed, and handle the whole process to make sure you never run out of products. Our goal is to help you manage your inventory better, cut down on waste, and boost your profits.
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Deals and Promotions
There are many ways to make your products sell faster and boost your conversion rate. Sellers often use Lightning Deals, promotions, and coupons to increase sales. Our account management team will assist you in finding & setting up the best deals for your business.
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Launched Store of Surface Igniter on Amazon Marketplace

Increased revenue of the private label brand by 3500%
Read The Full Case Study
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From Start-Up to Star Seller

Our portfolio comprises startups and SMBs that we have helped scale their Amazon presence and achieve top rankings.

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Trusted Partner for Your Amazon Journey

SPCTEK is your one-stop shop for all your Amazon account management needs, from launch to optimization.

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Clear Communication & Regular Reporting

You’re always in the loop. We provide transparent communication, regular reports, and open access to metrics.

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Your Success is Our Success

We celebrate your wins as our own. Your growth is our passion, your vision our driving force.

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Client Testimonials & Industry Recognition

Let others tell you our story. See how we’ve helped brands scale and achieve their Amazon dreams.

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  • 17714 BANNISTER ST, SUITE # 103 DALLAS TX 75252, USA.
  • +1-469-909-2002


Amazon Account Manager:
  • Provides strategic guidance: They analyze your business, recommend growth strategies, and optimize your product listings and advertising campaigns.
  • Offers dedicated support: They act as your point of contact for resolving issues, navigating Amazon policies, and accessing exclusive seller resources.
  • Analyzes data and reports: They provide insights into your sales performance, market trends, and customer behavior to inform your business decisions.
The process of optimizing your Amazon seller account for maximum success. This includes improving product listings, managing inventory, running effective ad campaigns, and providing excellent customer service.
Save time and resources: Agencies handle the day-to-day management of your account, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
Yes, we offer ongoing support and consultation to help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changes in the Amazon marketplace. We can also provide regular reports and performance updates.
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