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Case Study

Amazon Account Reinstatement for Xbox Seller

The Problem

The customer faced temporary deactivation of their seller account in alignment with Section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement, as determined by their Account Health Rating.

Amazon suspension case study

Our Solution

The first step of Amazon seller account reinstatement consisted of a comprehensive account assessment. The purpose of the assessment was to identify the root cause which was specially focused on the performance notifications. After pinpointing the root cause, we crafted a comprehensive POA that includes both corrective and preventive measures.

In addition, we emphasized to Amazon that we did not manipulate search results, as we were not the listing owner but rather sellers operating under that particular listing. This helped us in preparing a strong plan of action that covered all possible aspects to address the concerns raised by Amazon in the first place.

The final step involved POA submission and coordination with the Amazon team to ensure all specifications and requirements as directed by Amazon are fulfilled in an effective manner.

Amazon suspension case study


With the formation of a well prepared POA our efforts paid off as we received confirmation of the successful reinstatement of our client’s Amazon seller account.

In addition to this, we also provided a set of recommendations to our client to ensure that an issue like this does not take place in the future. These included:

Stay Informed on Amazon Policies

It’s crucial to stay well-informed about Amazon’s ever-evolving policies and guidelines for creating listings and maintaining your store’s health. Amazon frequently updates its rules, and keeping up-to-date is essential to ensure compliance and prevent future complications.

Monitor Performance Metrics

Continuously track your seller performance metrics using your seller dashboard. Pay close attention to critical indicators like the order defect rate, late shipment rate, and customer feedback. Regularly reviewing these metrics will help you maintain a high-quality service and keep your Amazon healthy.

Amazon suspension case study

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