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Case Study

Maximizing ROAS through Strategic Amazon PPC Management

Data-driven PPC Strategy To Boost Conversions and Reduce ACoS for a consumer electronics company.

The Problem

Our client, a rapidly growing brand in the consumer electronics industry, faced a significant challenge in harnessing the full potential of their Amazon PPC campaigns. Despite having a range of high-quality products, they struggled challenges such as:

  • Low visibility on ads.
  • Inefficient ad spend.
  • Suboptimal conversion rates.

It was clear that the brand lacked a cohesive and data-driven Amazon PPC strategy that hindered their overall success on the platform. They wanted to collaborate with an ecommerce agency that had a proven track record of delivering concrete results to companies in Amazon paid campaigns.

Our Solution

Our approach began with a thorough analysis of their current campaigns, identifying areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement. After thorough analysis we implemented the following solutions:

  • Keyword Optimization: Conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-performing and relevant keywords, optimizing ad groups and campaigns accordingly.
  • Ad Copy Enhancement: Developed compelling and targeted ad copies to improve click-through rates (CTR) and enhance ad relevance, ensuring that the messaging resonated with the target audience.
  • Product Targeting: Leveraged Amazon’s product targeting features to reach customers who were actively searching for similar products to our client.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilized analytics and performance data to continuously refine and optimize campaigns, ensuring ongoing improvements based on real-time insights.


The implementation of our strategic Amazon PPC management services resulted in remarkable improvement for our client in the following areas:

  • Improved Conversion Rates: With targeted ad copies and optimized keyword targeting, the client witnessed a notable increase in conversion rates, translating ad impressions into actual sales.
  • Sustained Growth: Over a six-month period, the client experienced consistent growth in sales on a monthly basis. This helped establish a strong and sustainable trajectory for their Amazon business.
  • Enhanced ROAS: Our strategic bid management and budget optimization led to a substantial improvement in return on ad spend, ensuring that every advertising dollar spent generated a higher revenue for the client.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Regular reporting and analysis provided to the client with valuable insights into customer behavior, helping them refine their overall Amazon PPC strategy and product offerings.

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