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Case Study

Recovering Lost Product Variations on Amazon

The Problem

In early 2023, a prominent brand selling various products on Amazon faced a significant challenge affecting their online sales. The issue revolved around a change in their product category, resulting in the loss of crucial product variations in their listings. Consequently, customers couldn’t access and buy different product options, leading to a noticeable decline in sales.

Our Solution

Recognizing the issue’s urgency, the brand engaged our help. We pinpointed the root cause—the automatic change in variation categories by Amazon’s systems, which hid parent-child listings from customers. Despite encountering delays in appealing to Amazon’s Seller Support, we took action. We meticulously deleted and recreated listing links, with product variations.


  1. Regained visibility of the brand’s products with correct variations on Amazon
  2. Significant increase in sales by 59%, surpassing previous figures
  3. Improved customer satisfaction with access to desired product variations

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