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Returns and Reimbursement Services

Demand a refund from Amazon, as they owe you money. If you sell on Amazon, returns are inevitable. However, occasionally, Amazon doesn’t seem to fix reimbursement errors on its own. SPCTek will handle all of your returns and submit a request for reimbursement to Amazon.

Return and Reimbursement Service

Are you aware that Amazon owes you money?

Product returns are an inevitable aspect of running a business, no matter how unpleasant they may be for the company. When participating in an online marketplace, you should expect a high rate of repeat purchases.
Approximately 16.65% of all Amazon orders are subsequently canceled, and many sellers need to be made aware that they are eligible for a refund on the number of canceled items. Get your money back from Amazon with the help of SPCTEK. They will handle all the hassles for you

What we handle on your behalf

FBA refunds.

We search for things destroyed by Amazon without your authorization in order to secure FBA refunds.

Restocking Fees

We identify orders returned after 30 days for which Amazon did not apply the 20% restocking fee as per their policy.

customer refund overage

When a customer gets a bigger refund than what they originally paid, this is called a “customer refund overage” (and you get charged for that).

Commission Fees

You might not know that the commission fee for a certain product is too high.

Replacements for Customers

Amazon might send a customer a replacement before the customer returns the item. We’ll ensure you don’t get charged if you don’t send us the original within 45 days.

Missing Reimbursements

You might not notice if Amazon states that they have repaid a claim amount but still need to do so. We will identify this error and acquire the FBA compensation for you

Damaged Returns

If a carrier or Amazon damages a return, you are entitled to the product amount. We’ll file a claim and get reimbursed.

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