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Amazon Seller Negative Feedback

Amazon Negative Feedback Removal Secrets That Most Sellers Don’t Know

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Amazon Seller Feedback allows customers to share their buying experience, including item condition, shipping speed, and seller responsiveness, helping other buyers to make informed decisions.

Why Customers Leave Negative Feedback on Amazon:

  • Bad Customer Service frustrates buyers with unhelpful support and communication issues when they face problems or have questions about their orders.
  • Poor Product Quality disappoints buyers due to defects, safety concerns, or bad experiences, leading to dissatisfaction, reputation damage, and lost sales.
  • Product Mistakes are sending the wrong item, even in small ways like size or color, can harm your reputation as a seller and result in negative feedback.
  • Delivery Time Delay in receiving orders leads to unhappy customers, especially if they expected items to arrive within a specific time frame.

Removing Negative Feedback on Amazon:

  1. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) : As an FBA seller, late deliveries aren’t the seller’s fault, so Amazon considers removing feedback resulting from delivery problems.
  2. Product-Focused Feedback: Amazon might delete comments that are only about the product and don’t talk about the seller’s service.
  3. Seller’s Privacy: If feedback contains the seller’s personal info, Amazon respects privacy and removes it to protect sensitive details.
  4. Abusive Language: Amazon removes feedback with offensive language, insults, or abusive content to maintain a respectful environment.

Note: Negative feedback removal can be appealed within 90 days only. Sellers can request Amazon to remove eligible negative feedback through “Feedback Manager” for a more accurate service quality reflection.


What is Amazon Seller Feedback?

Amazon Seller Feedback is a vital aspect of the online selling experience. It’s a system that allows customers to provide their opinions and assessments of their interactions with sellers on the Amazon platform. Amazon Seller Feedback serves as a mechanism for buyers to share their experiences, rate the quality of services, and offer insights into the overall transaction process.

When customers purchase items from sellers on Amazon, they have the opportunity to leave feedback based on their satisfaction level. This feedback can cover various aspects, including the accuracy of product descriptions, the condition of the items received, the timeliness of shipping, and the seller’s responsiveness to inquiries.

The Amazon Seller Feedback system plays a dual role. Firstly, it helps other potential buyers make informed decisions by providing them with insights into the performance and reputation of different sellers. Secondly, it serves as a valuable tool for sellers to assess their strengths and areas for improvement

Amazon Seller Feedback vs Product Review

Seller feedback vs product review

Amazon seller feedback relates to the overall buying experience with a particular seller or merchant on Amazon, encompassing aspects like customer service, shipping efficiency, and order fulfillment. It is visible on the seller’s profile page and directly impacts the seller’s reputation and rating.

On the other hand, Product Reviews center around specific products listed on Amazon, focusing on its features, quality, and performance. These reviews are visible on individual product listing pages and greatly influence potential buyers’ decisions. Both types of feedback are essential for building trust with customers and ensuring a positive shopping experience on Amazon.

Why Do Customers Leave Negative Feedback on Amazon?

Customers share seller feedback for different reasons. Whether the feedback is good or bad, everyone has their own explanation for giving it. To know how to respond to negative feedback from customers, you first need to understand why they share it. This will also help you find solutions to their concerns. Let’s explore some common reasons why customers give negative feedback.

Common reason for amazon seller negative feedback

Customer Service

Negative feedback related to customer service often stems from poor communication, unhelpful responses, or difficulties in resolving issues. When customers encounter problems with their orders or have inquiries, they expect timely and effective support. If sellers fail to provide satisfactory assistance, customers may leave negative feedback reflecting their frustration

Product Quality 

Customers leave negative feedback due to product quality issues when their expectations are unmet, they encounter defects, premature wear, or safety concerns, and when products exhibit poor materials, inconsistent performance, a lack of reliability, or a negative user experience. Difficulty in obtaining support, reputation damage, wasted time, and financial loss further contribute to their dissatisfaction, prompting negative feedback that can affect both the company’s image and customer loyalty.

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Product Mix-Up 

Whether it’s a minor discrepancy like size or color, delivering the wrong product can significantly damage your reputation as a seller. This often leads to negative seller feedback and, at times, product returns. 

Delayed Delivery

One significant cause of negative feedback on Amazon is when customers experience delays in receiving their orders. When shoppers make a purchase, they expect their items to arrive within the timeframe specified during checkout. If the delivery takes longer than anticipated, customers may express their dissatisfaction through negative feedback.

For those who use FBA to sell on Amazon, it’s reassuring to know that Amazon is there to support them. While Amazon will let reviewers know that delivery problems aren’t the seller’s responsibility,

Criteria for Eliminating Negative Feedback from Your Amazon Seller Account

Now that you grasp the significance of feedback scores and their impact, you might be curious about the possibility of removing negative feedback you’ve received on Amazon. The good news is that you can indeed take steps to accomplish this. It’s important to note, though, that you should act promptly and must address the feedback within 90 days of its posting. Once this timeframe elapses, the feedback can no longer be eliminated.

The Order was Fulfilled by Amazon:

In cases where Amazon’s fulfillment service (FBA) handles the shipping and delivery of an order, any issues related to delivery are beyond the seller’s control. In such situations, Amazon recognizes this and considers removing negative feedback that results from delivery delays or problems.

Feedback Entirely a Product Review:

Sometimes, customers leave feedback that focuses solely on the product itself rather than the seller’s performance. When feedback is more of a product review rather than a reflection of the seller’s service, Amazon allows for its removal.

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Personal Information of the Seller is Shared:

Privacy is paramount, and if a feedback review contains personal information about the seller, such as contact details, Amazon understands the need to protect the seller’s privacy. In these cases, Amazon Negative Feedback Removal is initiated to safeguard sensitive information.

Presence of Abusive Language or Insult:

Maintaining a respectful and professional environment is crucial on any platform. If feedback includes offensive language, insults, or any form of abusive content, Amazon acknowledges this violation and takes steps for its removal.

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How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon?

Sellers seeking Amazon Negative Feedback Removal can request it through the “Feedback Manager” section on Seller Central. After providing a brief explanation of why the feedback meets the above criteria, Amazon’s support team reviews the request. Upon validation, the feedback is removed from the seller’s profile, contributing to a more accurate representation of their service quality.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Negative Feedbacks on Amazon

Maintaining a high feedback score on Amazon by preventing negative feedback is perhaps the most straightforward approach. Here are some tips for maintaining an excellent seller rating and effectively managing feedback, including how to remove feedback on Amazon:

Accurate and Detailed Descriptions:

Craft precise and comprehensive product descriptions along with multiple high-quality images. This approach manages customer expectations, helping them form a realistic understanding of the product’s appearance and functionality.

Be Conservative with Item Condition:

When evaluating your item’s condition, it’s better to be slightly conservative rather than overly optimistic. If unsure, consider labeling it as ‘good’ instead of ‘very good’ condition. People have varying perceptions of conditions, so erring on the side of caution can lead to positive reviews.

Timely Shipping and Quick Responses:

Timely shipping is essential. Ensuring that items reach customers promptly is crucial for customer satisfaction. Additionally, maintain quick response times to customer inquiries to showcase your commitment to their needs.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Advantage:

Utilizing Amazon’s FBA service means that shipping is handled by Amazon’s fulfillment centers, resulting in limited control over shipping times. Fortunately, Amazon’s support team usually addresses negative reviews related to shipping issues.

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By focusing on these strategies, including the approach to remove negative feedback on Amazon, you can bolster your Amazon seller reputation and avoid negative feedback. Consistently delivering outstanding service and providing accurate product information are vital for building a stellar seller rating.

When you receive negative feedback from customers, and your Order Defect Rate (ODR) surpasses 1%. This situation is problematic because it puts your Amazon account at risk of suspension – something that sellers fear the most.

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Managing feedback is vital for Amazon sellers’ reputation. Negative feedback can be addressed and even removed. Understand the difference between seller feedback and product reviews, find causes of negativity, and follow Amazon’s guidelines for removal. Prevention through accurate descriptions, careful assessments, prompt shipping, and FBA usage is crucial. Consistent excellence ensures high feedback scores and competitiveness on Amazon.


Extremely important! It directly impacts your reputation, sales, and even account health.

It puts your account at risk! Seek help from professionals like SPCTEK to manage ODR and feedback.

Consider responding publicly to the feedback, acknowledging the customer’s concern and offering a solution. This can sometimes show initiative and appease both the customer and potential buyers.

Report this activity to Amazon with evidence (screenshots, IP addresses). Amazon takes competitor sabotage seriously and may remove the feedback and even penalize the offending seller.

Yes, even after reinstatement, responding to outstanding feedback demonstrates professionalism and your commitment to improvement. However, avoid mentioning the suspension or making excuses. Focus on acknowledging the issue, apologizing sincerely, and offering solutions or clarifications.

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