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How to Transform Your Marketing Strategy with Amazon Posts

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In today’s fiercely competitive Amazon marketplace, standing out is crucial for sellers. Amazon Posts offers a free, powerful tool to achieve just that. Amazon Posts lets brand-registered sellers share product content and lifestyle images in a social media-style feed on Amazon. Customers can easily discover your brand, products, and updates.

Top 5 Benefits of Amazon Posts

  • Boost Brand Awareness: Engage both new and existing customers with compelling visuals and stories.
  • Expand Reach: Reach new audiences through category feeds and alongside competitor products.
  • Increase Engagement: Drive traffic to Amazon listings and social media platforms with creative content.
  • Free Clicks: Unlike PPC campaigns, Amazon Posts are currently free, maximizing engagement without cost.
  • Build Customer Loyalty: Allow customers to follow your brand for updates and deepen relationships.

Creative Ideas for Amazon Posts

  • Product Demonstrations: Showcase product features and benefits in action.
  • Highlight Customer Reviews: Share positive feedback to build trust.
  • Address Objections: Overcome customer concerns directly in posts.
  • Before and After: Illustrate product transformations to capture interest.
  • Product Tutorials: Educate customers on product use and benefits.

Best Practices

  • Optimize Profile: Ensure your brand name, logo, and high-quality images are prominent.
  • Follow Guidelines: Adhere to Amazon’s policies to maintain compliance.
  • Repurpose Content: Use existing social media content for efficiency.
  • Use High-Quality Images: Capture attention with clear, professional visuals.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailor content to resonate with your target customers.


Amazon Posts offer a valuable opportunity for sellers to enhance visibility and engagement at no cost. Start leveraging this tool today to elevate your Amazon marketing strategy and stay competitive. 

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When building a marketing strategy for Amazon sellers, you should keep in mind that every niche is becoming more competitive every year. 

To help sellers gain an advantage and get more visibility, Amazon now offers a free and powerful tool: Amazon Posts.

What are Amazon Posts?

The Amazon Posts feature allows brand-registered sellers to share product-related content and original lifestyle images through a similar “feed” to social media. 

In a nutshell, customers can scroll through your feed and click straight through to product detail pages, just like on social media, but on the Amazon ecosystem. It’s easy to repurpose Instagram and Facebook content as Amazon Posts, consolidating your brand.

Another useful feature is that customers can follow your brand. Just like any other social media platform, users will be able to “follow” your brand on Amazon to: 

  •  Discover more about your brand and your story (which helps to establish a relationship with your business)
  •  Discover other products you sell.
  •  Stay up-to-date with your content.
  • Find out how to make the most out of their product

Even though Amazon Posts are similar to social media, they come with a very powerful benefit: 

You can also track the results brought by your posts:

  • Impressions 
  • Engagement
  • Engagement rates for each of your Posts. 

Think of Amazon posts as PPC campaigns. But the coolest part is that, for the moment, they are free to use. 

Top 5 Results You’ll Achieve with Amazon Posts

More Brand Awareness

You can attract new and existing customers for free.  With captivating, branded images, you can tell the unique story of your brand and engage with customers, which will help spread brand awareness and inform buyers about your products.

Boost Your Reach

You can reach new audiences within your target market. Consumers who browse tags related to your products will easily find your brand through relevant category feeds. 

An even better advantage is that, in most cases, your posts will appear at the bottom of your competitors’ products. It gives Amazon sellers a unique opportunity to attract new customers.

Better Engagement

Engagement can be built in many creative ways. The Amazon posts tool allows you to share your Instagram and Facebook posts on your Amazon feed. 

It can also increase traffic to both your Amazon product listings and your social media pages.

More Free Clicks

At the moment, Amazon advertising posts are free. So, you can generate more traffic and engagement without having to pay for clicks. It doesn’t mean you should quit doing PPC campaigns. Take it as a secret weapon you can access to balance your costs.

Customers Will ‘Follow’ Your Brand

As people follow their favorite businesses on social media, Amazon has enabled this feature to help stores grow brand awareness and customer engagement. 

The more your audience follows you, the easier it will be to build a relationship with them and increase conversions.

Steal These 5 Creative Ideas for Amazon Posts to Try them Out 

Product Demonstrations

Showcase someone who is using your product. 

In this way, you can highlight the benefits and features of your product and give customers a better understanding of how it works.

Discover What People Are Saying in Your Reviews

Identify what your customers love about your products and emphasize these benefits to your target audience.

If these attract your actual customers, they’ll attract other new customers, too. 



Overcome Objections 

Find out what objections your niche’s customers have about your products. 

Create Amazon posts that address these objections and convince people your product is the right choice. Taking care of your audience’s worries shows you understand them and want to offer a solution.

For example, the image below can overcome the objection that the product can’t fit boots or bigger shoe wear.



Before and After

Show your audience how their life can change if they choose your products. You can do that, just like in the example below, by adding a picture of before and after.

By giving a clear picture of the result your product can bring, it will be easier to get that click from the potential customer.



Product Tutorials 

In this way, your target audience knows exactly how to leverage your product. If you are there to help your audience understand the product and to give them creative ideas to use it on a daily basis, people are more likely to buy.

It works especially well for newly introduced products that people aren’t familiar with.



Take these ideas and try them out so you will have a good start on the platform. As long as you create relevant and engaging posts, you will see how the clicks will follow.

Check out more creative Amazon post ideas on Mastering Amazon Posts: A Complete Guide For Amazon Sellers + Inspirational Amazon Posts Examples. 

6 Best Practices You Should Follow for Maximum Results

Make sure you have the basic components of a post down

Before you start posting, mark these:

  • Your profile banner should have your brand name and logo
  •  Add a custom image
  •  Use a “show product” icon which, when clicked, displays more info about the product featured
  •  Add a caption
  • Category tags (Amazon will auto-tag these to relevant product categories)

Follow the rules

Play by Amazon’s rules. You should not direct your customers to purchase from your DTC, share updates about promotions on other sites, etc. 

Check Amazon’s Creative Acceptance Policies to learn how to create Amazon Posts that meet the requirements.

Repurpose content from other social media channels

Amazon recommends brands repurpose content from other social channels instead of starting from scratch.

Pull relevant content and copy from Instagram, for example. If you had a great post on social media, test it on Amazon as well. Make the most of your existing materials.

You can also repost a compelling lifestyle image from the product’s image carousel.

Use professional high-quality images

Having grainy images, poorly lit product photos or generic stock photos won’t help improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Focus on eye-catching images and relatable lifestyles that show your product in action. Share authentic content that helps consumers connect with your brand and learn more about you.

Avoid stock images! Amazon Posts pushes out authentic, original photos. With stock photos, you’ll reach fewer people, and it’ll hurt your brand’s credibility.

Make your images simple, without collages or overlaid text, buttons, or icons. Having a crowded or complicated image makes it more likely to be ignored.

Ask yourself: who is your target audience?

Create content that demonstrates your unique value and connects with your target market. Think about your brand’s Amazon customer avatar when planning an Amazon post. 

When you show that you understand the customers, they can relate to the stories and visualize themselves using the product. 

Tell a memorable story with a copy

Let your caption tell a story about why your products are valuable and unique. Avoid repeating your product description or using snippets from customer reviews. 

Keep your text and captions short. Not only does Amazon encourage brevity, but most consumers prefer it. 

Ready to leverage Amazon Posts in your marketing strategy?

It won’t cost you anything to try out Amazon Posts. But ignoring it means you’ll lose potential customers to your competition in the marketplace.

Try the ideas you uncovered in this blog post and see what works for your Amazon business. If you’d like to save precious time, or you don’t want to add another task to your calendar, intelliRANK is here to help you leverage the power of Amazon posts. Check out our Amazon post services.


To get more reach on Amazon posts, use high-quality images, compelling copy, and relevant hashtags.

Amazon Posts are a free social media-like feature where brands can share product updates and stories.

You can find Amazon Posts on product detail pages, brand stores, and in the Amazon mobile shopping app.

Promote your Amazon product on social media by engaging with influencers, running targeted ads, and sharing customer reviews and testimonials.

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