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Top 5 Amazon Seller Suspension Lawyers in 2024

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Many sellers on Amazon see it as a great chance to sell to lots of people and make a successful business. But if Amazon suspends your seller account, it can be a big problem. It might feel overwhelming with all of Amazon’s rules, and you might worry about losing money.

There are lawyers who specialize in helping sellers in this situation. In this article, we’ll talk about five of the best Amazon suspension lawyers, explaining how they work and showing that they have a history of helping sellers get back on track.

  1. Cabilly & Co
  2. Esqg
  3. Ecomattorneys
  4. Amazon suspension lawyer
  5. Amazonsellers attorney
Amazon account unsuspended

For countless Amazon sellers, the marketplace presents a golden opportunity to reach millions of customers and build a thriving business. However, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if your seller account gets suspended. Faced with a potential financial setback and a seemingly insurmountable wall of Amazon’s policies, many sellers feel lost and confused. This is precisely where Amazon lawyers come into play.

In this article, we look at some of the top Amazon seller suspension lawyers that help businesses deal with the different dynamics of their seller account suspension.

Cabilly & Co

Cabilly & Co. is one of the only firms in the world that combines years of expertise in intellectual property, and daily interactions with Amazon sellers. The attorneys of the organization accompany Amazon and e-commerce sellers in every step of their business journey- from registering their IP rights in trademarks, patents, and copyright, to assisting them with day-to-day issues that arise on the selling platforms

Services They Offer

  • Amazon Seller Account and Listing Reinstatement
  • POA – Plan of Action
  • Amazon Account Verification
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Trademark, Patents and other Intellectual Property Services


ESQgo® is a law firm that specializes in helping online sellers with legal issues related to Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. They offer a variety of services, including account reinstatement, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. Their team of attorneys is experienced in handling complex legal matters and they are committed to helping their clients succeed.

Services They Offer

  • Account account & ASIN reinstatement
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Amazon listing hijacking
  • Walmart Account Reinstatement


Rafelson Law specializes in helping eCommerce businesses. They offer a variety of services, including mergers and acquisitions, Amazon account protection, and full-service corporate law. They also have a blog with articles about eCommerce law.

Services They Offer

  • Account account & ASIN reinstatement
  • Full-Service Corporate Law & Dispute Resolution

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Amazon Suspension Lawyer

Amazon suspension lawyer provides legal services to Amazon sellers. They specialize in helping sellers get their suspended accounts reinstated. They also help sellers with other legal issues, such as intellectual property claims, brand protection, and competitor disputes.

Services They Offer

  • Account ASIN & account reinstatement
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Amazon brand registry & protection
  • Amazon Copyright Infringement
  • Amazon Returns

Amazon Sellers Attorney

Amazon sellers attorney help Amazon sellers get their suspended accounts reinstated. The company offers legal services, appeal writing, and account reinstatement.

Services They Offer

  • Amazon account reinstatement
  • Amazon listing reinstatement
  • Brand protection
  • Amazon Hijacker Removal

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What Does an Amazon Suspension Lawyer Do?

An Amazon Suspension Lawyer, as the name suggests, specializes in helping Amazon sellers who have had their accounts suspended or deactivated.

  • Identify the cause of the suspension: Once they understand the reason for the suspension, the lawyer will work with you to identify the root cause of the issue. This may involve reviewing your listings, inventory, and seller metrics.
  • Develop a plan of action: Amazon requires sellers to submit a plan of action outlining how they will address the issue that led to the suspension and prevent it from happening again. The lawyer will help you craft a comprehensive and persuasive plan of action that meets Amazon’s requirements.
  • Appeal the suspension: If you disagree with Amazon’s decision to suspend your account, the lawyer can help you file an appeal. This may involve submitting additional documentation or requesting a hearing with Amazon.
  • Negotiate with Amazon: In some cases, the lawyer may be able to negotiate with Amazon to get your account reinstated without having to go through the formal appeals process.
  • Represent you in legal proceedings: If your case goes to arbitration or court, the lawyer can represent you and advocate for your rights.

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Four Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Amazon Lawyer:

Choosing the right Amazon suspension lawyer can significantly impact the outcome of your Amazon suspension case. By carefully considering the factors and conducting thorough research, you can maximize your chances of successfully getting your account reinstated and minimizing the disruption to your business.

  1. Experience: Emphasizes the importance of choosing a lawyer with extensive experience in Amazon law, specifically dealing with seller suspensions. Years of experience suggest familiarity with Amazon’s complex policies and procedures, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.
  2. Client Reviews: Encourages potential clients to consider testimonials and feedback from past clients. Positive reviews offer valuable insights into the lawyer’s communication style, professionalism, and responsiveness, providing additional reassurance.
  3. Communication and Transparency: A lawyer’s communication skills and transparency in handling the case are crucial. Timely updates, clear explanations, and a readily available point of contact are essential for building trust and mitigating stress during a challenging time.
  4. Fees and Costs: Clarity in pricing structure and the services offered is paramount. Potential clients should know what they’re paying for and avoid hidden fees or unexpected charges.

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Seeking a Specialist for Amazon Account Reinstatement?

Amazon account suspension can be frustrating, especially if your Plan of Action doesn’t lead to reinstatement. However SPCTEK has a solution that sets us apart from the rest – our “Reinstate OR Refund” with Upto 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Get Back to Selling on Amazon


Wrapping up, it is appropriate to state that for any ecommerce business actively generating revenue from marketplaces, account suspension can be a major setback. However, by collaborating with the right service providers these issues can be resolved in an effective manner. Furthermore, it can also ensure that businesses are in a proactive position to take preemptive measures that can minimize chances of account suspension.


Performance issues like late shipments, high return rates, or Intellectual Property (IP) infringements are common culprits. Other reasons include violating Amazon’s terms of service or selling prohibited products.

Gather all relevant documents, such as invoices, performance metrics, and communication with Amazon, to support your case. Your lawyer can advise on what evidence is most persuasive.

Fees can vary, and some lawyers may charge flat rates or hourly fees. It’s important to discuss fees and payment structures upfront with the lawyer.

Yes, a lawyer can use their expertise to navigate Amazon’s processes efficiently, potentially reducing the time it takes to reinstate a suspended account.

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